What We Do


  • Delos Offers conceptual engineering services to invent solutions to problems.

Wake Vortex Solution

  • Reducing wake vortex structures reduces induced drag and reduces the required separation distance between aircraft. 


  • As more people choose to fly, we see it as our  responsibility to help drive, deliver and maintain a sustainable future  for aviation. 


  • Our challenge is to help airlines and cargo carriers reduce their fuel use, while increasing the level of safety.


  • Airbus and Safran to market our patented electric taxiing system for A320 Family         

Advanced Designs

  • We develop advanced electric machine designs that have applications outside aerospace.

Electric taxiing Aircraft Video

This is an example of a solution Delos Aerospace invented to reduce the carbon footprint of aircraft while improving safety. This video is of a demonstration project conducted by L3 and Lufthansa Technik implementing our globally patented green electric taxiing technology.