Delos Aerospace is Inventing the Future of Aviation Now
Delos Aerospace has invented an advanced magnetic braking and ground maneuvering system for aircraft that replaces the current friction based braking system with in-wheel motor/generators eliminating the need to run the main engines or use of tugs for ground maneuvers, eliminating fuel burn currently required for ground maneuvering of aircraft wherein our innovative green technology makes it possible for aircraft to conduct ground movement with greater efficiency, economy, maneuverability, and safety with input from the flight deck under the pilots command and control for more effective braking and ground maneuvering of aircraft.
During landing events the landing gear tires are pre-spun to match the relative ground speed thus eliminating the sliding friction tire wear that generates particulate pollution, which is ingested by the following aircraft affecting the clean performance of the engines and eliminates the depositing of reverted rubber onto the runway which reduces the available friction coefficient when braking in rainy weather conditions.

At touchdown the in-wheel motor is converted into a generator thus converting the kinetic energy of the aircraft into electrical power that is stored onboard the aircraft  that can be used by the aircraft to power the in-wheel motor/generators or other systems.

There is noise and jet blast or prop wash associated with the use of main engines for taxiing and noxious emissions that directly impact human health and safety. Moreover, taxiing with engines results in wasted fuel burn and shortens the flight life of the main engines and increases the possibility of FOD.

slow towing and pushing speeds and lack of maneuverability of tugs can cause delays in aircraft movement of + 5 to 10 min per movement along with the fact that the tug driver is controlling the push back or towing of the aircraft leaving the pilot of the aircraft without control as to movement that can prove to be dangerous, which can cause excessive wear and/or damage to the aircraft and/or tug.
The global impact of our green technology will  be to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions making air travel a lower carbon foot print means of travel
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