About US

Delos Aerospace is a new entrant in the international aviation industry. Delos was originally formed as an IP holding company and is now being structured to supply the market need that exists  with respect to the implementation of a retrofit of our green taxiing technology within aircraft that will reduce aircraft burn by 28% by implementing a safer and more effective magnetic braking and ground maneuvering system that incorporates the use of in wheel motor/generators within the landing gear wheels that replaces the old friction based braking systems currently in use. 

Delos’s green taxiing technology provides airline operators and cargo carriers with a revenue-generating tool that will significantly reduce the operational cost structures by 3.8 to 4.2 million USD a year for each aircraft that implements the retrofit of our green taxiing technology  compared to systems currently in use and achieve higher levels of safety while reducing fuel burn and emissions with significant increases in soft dollar cost savings due to reduced turn-around times and increases in overall efficiency by using the energy that is wasted in the form of heat during the landing event.

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